UFO Hunter Claims He Discovered Artificial Structures in Huge Cities On Venus

At least in the eyes of some UFO hunters, aliens aren’t just building structures on Mars. Recently published images of Venus seem to show artificial structures in large cities, as well as other elements.
According to one researcher, some kind of alien race created the buildings.
YouTube user and alien hunter mundodesconocido posted a video discussing the large cities he discovered while examining the collection of photos.
He also made 3D models of the visible structures.
He speculated in the video that the bizarre shapes are artificial, and they appear to be cities with elements that emit light.
Mundodesconocido tours viewers to the so-called great city on Venus, showing somewhat raised structures across the planet that he believes to be alien apartment complexes. However, skeptics would say that they are just craters on the surface.
These images in the video came from the Magellan probe that was launched to Venus in 1989 and arrived a little over a year later. Its missions were to study chemical processes, planet’s interior, land forms and tectonics, deposition, erosion, and impact processes.
Doubters argue that those protruding structures, which were referred to as huge cities, are just the result of the volcanic flows on 85 percent of the Venus’ surface.

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