UFO Expert Dismisses Meteor Theory Of A UFO Over Gladstone

Sheryl Gottshall, president of UFO Research Queensland, said that finding the truth is to rule out possibilities. When it comes to UFOs, Gottshall said that it is a must to go through the list of possibilities and tick them off. For example, someone says it is a meteor, then ticking it off is needed.
Gottshall is talking about the theories of the bright light and the massive boom observed above the Gladstone region recently.
Mark Sugars, the member of Bundaberg Astronomy Society, said the description could suggest a meteorite. The strange event was witnessed from Rockhampton to Gympie.
But Gladstone resident Rory Henricks believed it was a plane shooting fireworks out of its rear.
RAAF watch keeper Corporal King has disclosed that carrier KC-30A took off from the nearest air base to Gladstone on the night of the reported sighting.
Residents saw the object over Gladstone region, including Tannum Sands, Agnes Water, Calliope, and Kirkwood and heard a boom sound approximately 9:20 p.m.
Corporal King did not reveal his first name because of strict defence force privacy protocol. He said that the massive plane took off from the Amberley Air Base and it should be the only plane flying from Amberley area that time.
Amberley Air Base is on the outskirts of Ipswich, 40kms south-west of Brisbane. Corporal King can’t reveal the reason of the aircraft in the area and the path it had taken as he isn’t at liberty to disclose such information.
A KC-30A is described as a heavily modified large Airbus A330 airliner. It can carry fuel loads of up to one hundred tonnes for a range of fighter jets and RAAF surveillance aircraft. It can also carry 270 passengers and 34,000 kg of cargo.
Ms Gottshall said that meteor theory doesn’t go well because there are no meteors that rumble for 5 minutes as one witness reported hearing.
Some witnesses also claim to have seen debris flying from the object, creating a theory of a plane crash. Ms Gottshall said that this wasn’t possible as a plane crash would have emergency services arriving in the area.
As of the theory of KC-30A over Gladstone, she said that it could be, but it is hard to tell exactly. If the identity is not surely identified, then it remains unidentified, Ms Gottshall explains.

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