UFO Encountered, Photographed, Roaring River, Missouri

This case is unique in Ufology for several reasons. Although there have been a number of eyewitness accounts of UFOs shooting beams either to the ground or at someone (Travis Walton) the case from Roaring River, Missouri has eyewitness testimony of personal items being destroyed by a beam or some other weapon from a UFO.

The UFO, in this case, was seen and photographed.

On November 22, 1966, the events of Roaring River, Missouri. The exact location was near Cassville. During deer season, two hunters were trying their luck. As one of the men returned to their campsite, he became alarmed when he saw smoke rising from their camp.

He immediately ran to find out what had happened. He discovered the hunters’ 12″X18′ tent and other equipment totally destroyed. The tent was still smoldering.

Also some shoes and records were still smoking. One of the aluminum poles that supported the tent was singed, but not burned. The aluminum cots inside their tent were melted.

Oddly, the hunters’ tent was set up under two trees, and being winter time, the leaves of the tree were dried; the leaves showed no damage at all, indicating that the destructive force was a narrow beam.

About 15 feet away was a dead tree with the top still burning. The witness then heard a low humming sound, and looking for the source, he saw an unusual object rising from the valley just beyond the burning tree. He was able to photograph the object only a few seconds after it left the ground, and managed a second photo a few seconds later. The entire sighting was no more than 20 seconds.

The humming sound coming from the UFO intensified as it picked up speed. His last look at the object put it about 40 degrees above the horizon.

It was gaining speed as it left. The UFO was of an aluminum color, reflecting the sunlight. Also, the witness saw what to him appeared to be a band around the the center of the object.

The UFO flew effortlessly as it moved into the skies. The witness walked the distance from his location to the area of the object, measuring approximately 300 feet. The object’s diameter was estimated at 25 feet, being about 8 feet thick.

The hunter had used a 620 format Argoflex camera with a coated varex 75mm, f/4.5 lens, shutter speed at 1/90 seconds, f/8 depth of field if focused at infinity was 41 feet to infinity. The two photographs were in the center of the roll with other camping exposures at beginning and end of roll.

There can be little doubt that the damage at the campsite was done by the UFO photographed by the hunter.

(B J Booth)

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