UFO Discovered In Medieval Wall Painting: Is This A Depiction of Alien Existence?

UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object. While it refers to any object hovering in the sky, people cannot easily identify it. It traditionally refers to alien vessel. Throughout history, UFOs have been reported to meteor sightings and comet. Many teams have set out to find conclusive evidence of alien life since all human sightings are highly controversial. According to the experts, there was not enough data to determine its origin. For every sighting, scientists have provided numerous explanations. Astronomical objects, like the planets, bright stars, and the moon have been confused for extraterrestrial vessels. People commonly mistake weather balloons and airplanes for aliens. Everyday objects have been confused for aliens, including birds, kites, and clouds. The argument still rages over UFOs and have never settled. So, now do you believe in aliens?
A certain tourist visiting the Medieval Citadel church in Transylvania has left puzzled by the mysterious object in a 400-year-old masterpiece. Does this medieval wall painting portray a flying saucer in Romanian church? The painting appeared during the 17th century at the church, located in the core of the Medieval Citadel. This place has burnt down twice since it was built. The art adorns the 13th-century monetary wall. However, manager Nicolae Tescula thinks that the strange unidentified object could be the perspective of the artist in connection with heaven’s representation. According to Tescula, the image portrays a less representative or a secondary role, and the church is Evangelical. He believes that Elijah’s presumption to Heaven can lead to a modern representation that people might think it is a UFO. He added that many people believe it is an alien, but in fact, it is an artist’s vision.
According to Romania Insider, the interior decoration of the church includes some other artworks to prevent this from happening. According to the witness, before the object was lost, it moved for three to four minutes.

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