UFO Crash Photo

At the 2nd Australian Symposium in Brisbane, Australia, a video was shown of a supposed UFO crash in the New Mexico desert sometime in early 1997. It depicts an object careening towards the desert floor.

The object bounces once before coming crashing onto the ground, exploding and sending sparks flying.

While this footage may show an alien craft plummeting to its end, a number of experiments involving Edwards Air Force Base scientists and personnel are known to take place there.

An American researcher who has a highly placed NASA source working at Edwards AFB said that a small scale model of the X-38 space ‘Liferaft’ crashed on a small scale test range, with the range control officer executing a self-destruct procedure before it landed.

While it is difficult to form definitive conclusions as to the film’s authenticity given the absence of camera specifications, original footage, eye-witness testomony or exact date, it is nonetheless very intriguing.

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