UFO Conference Sets To Give New Light On Rendlesham UFO Incident

The Britain’s version of Roswell incident will once again the subject in two weeks’ time as gathering of authors, researchers, and witnesses hopes to give new light on the mysterious series of activities.
The 2014 Rendlesham Forest Incident Conference in Woodbridge will feature notable personalities as guest speakers including paranormal researcher Richard Dolan, former detective and founder of UFO Truth magazine Gary Heseltine, and ex-U.S. jet pilots John Burroughs and Larry Warren.
The 2014 conference is the third one, which started in 2010 and followed in 2012. It promises to expand the truth about the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident. Official explanations on the incident have been considered by many as nothing more than distractions to hide the truth.
Mr Burroughs was one of the witnesses who reported an encounter with a UFO in Suffolk forest, close to the RAF Woodbridge’s East Gate. The former sergeant will share what difficulties he encountered while doing his own investigations into the controversial incident and his experiences in the early hours of 1980 Boxing Day.
Mr Burroughs has been highlighting a declassified UK intelligence study that according to him reveals the possibility of unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) radiation exposure of several observers.
According to Mr Burroughs, there are medical records containing information on the proper treatment for those personnel who got injured in the line of duty. He believes that something has been hidden whether a situation or an intense experimentation.
The Rendlesham Incident is the story of a group of U.S. servicemen who investigated mysterious lights in the forest. Mr Warren, a member of the American servicemen at the airbase, claims to have witnessed a landing of a UFO on the third and last night of events. He is scheduled to talk about it at a conference together with Mr Heseltine.
Mr Dolan will talk about the impact of military encounters with unidentified flying objects to the recent civilizations. He will also discuss the Rendlesham Forest Incident. He said that something strange happened and there’s a military documentation revealing there are many credible witnesses who have shared details on what took place.
The conference will be held at Woodbridge Community hall on Saturday, September 20.

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