UFO Caught on Camera above Bradford City in UK

By Will Kilner

A Bradford man has described the moment he saw a UFO in the skies above his home.

Richard Ing, of Westminster Avenue, Clayton, said he watched in amazement from the balcony of his house as it passed over Bradford city centre, Clayton and off towards Denholme.

The 40-year-old printer said: “There were eight of us who saw it – four adults and four children.

“We are all sensible people and were amazed by what we saw.

“It was a massive fireball half the size of an aeroplane.

“We got it on a mobile phone, which does not do it justice.

“Maybe someone else has seen it or can explain it. It was 8.20 on Saturday night. If I had not seen it myself, there’s no way in the world I would have believed it.”

Mr Ing’s daughter, Chloe Ing, aged 12, said: “It was like a glowing ball, it was orange and just kept going across the sky.”

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