UFO Buzzes Helicopter In Ireland (VIDEO)

This UFO rule of thumb is always important to remember: Most unidentified flying objects can be easily explained.
Will two recently posted UFO videos on YouTube fall within that rule, or will they end up in the category of the small percent of UFOs that resist identification?
Here’s a sight not often seen in the skies above any town, anywhere. According to irishcentral.com, a UFO was captured on video dancing chaotically around a police helicopter in the cloudy sky above a village in Ireland.
Even though the two aerial objects are too far away to offer any close-up details of the encounter, the chopper’s rotor blades are easily heard in the video as it hovers in the air — as is the understandable crass language of the videographer.
Nevertheless, it seems quite apparent that whatever the unidentified object is, it demonstrates remarkable aerial acrobatics around the helicopter, reports examiner.com.
The helicopter in this alleged close encounter is on the left. NOTE: Strong Language

Several questions come to mind about this video.
First, the title of the video claims the UFO was within feet of a police helicopter, and yet, there’s nothing at all to confirm that it was a police chopper.
Another story says “Crazy UFO Buzzes Irish Helicopter.” Is there any actual evidence that this took place in Ireland and how about an actual date?
It would also certainly be helpful if anyone were to speak with the helicopter pilot to get details on the event.
The video abruptly ends at 1:04, while the encounter is still happening. Was that the only amount of available time left on the video camera?
Lots of questions, to be sure, but they don’t even begin to answer the ones posed by video analyst Marc Dantonio.
“One problem I have with this video is apparent when the helicopter approaches the vicinity of the object,” Dantonio explained in an email to The Huffington Post. “At that point, for only a few frames, the object begins jumping up and down at a similar shaking frequency as that of the cameraman shaking the camera. This is highly suspicious to me and makes me think that perhaps this was a CG addition to footage of a helicopter in the air and the bouncing up and down rapidly was, in fact, a mistake allowed to end up in the final video.”
Faster than you can say, “ET, phone home,” here’s another recently posted video,
In this one, dated August 4, an odd-shaped snowflake-looking object allegedly changes shape while discharging small lit orbs off of it.
The story, reported in examiner.com, suggests the UFO doesn’t appear to be a hoax.
Here’s the snowflake UFO.

“This video, in Spanish, is one with which I have great difficulties,” said Dantonio, owner of FX Models, which creates special effects and models for the U.S. government.
“The object is moving in such a way as to indicate that it is being held by a string going from the central light to the ground,” Dantonio explained. “Further evidence of this hypothesis is that in several frames throughout the video, you can actually see the lights illuminate a long, linear object coming down in the same exact place every time.
“This is the string, in my view. I believe this is a tethered helium balloon that is covered with LED lights in this distinctive pattern. These LEDs can run on tiny tablet-sized batteries, so the entire tethered object could be made easily enough.”
With new UFO videos appearing almost daily on YouTube, trying to get the public’s attention, it’s important to weed through the good from the bad. Maybe this will lead to one — and it only takes one — absolutely real, unconditionally legitimate video of a craft from another world.
That would be something to see.
More videos from around the world. Are any of these evidence of ETs?

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