UFO Appear over Grand Parkway in Katy, Texas

KATY, Texas – MUFON says they received this video as part of a reported UFO sighting in Katy.Was E.T. checking for traffic jams in Katy, Texas last month?A person who was driving along Hwy 99 Grand Parkway north towards I-10 and Highland Knolls shot video of several unidentified lights in the sky.

In the cellphone video, three lights can be seen flying in close proximity to one another before a fourth light emerges. The driver was headed home around 8:20 p.m. on Sept. 18 when the lights appeared.

For more than a minute, the driver kept his cellphone’s camera trained on the lights in the sky.

“There is no airport in the area,” the eyewitness said. “…Flickered in and out, then one disappeared as another flicked into view.”

The driver believed the lights may have been flares before seeing the last light move “rapidly to the east at a 90-degree angle until it was out of sight beyond the treeline.”

The Mutual UFO Network said it received the video as part of a reported UFO sighting in Katy.

The sighting is under investigation, MUFON said. You can report your own UFO sightings on MUFON’s website.

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