UFO Above Southeast Texas Beach

A man asserts that he photographed a hovering UFO on the night of December 11, 2014 above Crystal Beach in southeast Texas.
The witness, who identified himself as Larry Nash, noticed a bright object in the sky while working at a construction facility in Crystal Beach. Nash reportedly not alone to observe the once in a lifetime event as his co-workers also spotted the same thing.
Local media outlet Beaumont Enterprise reported that the witness described the thing up there as round to the naked eye and like a giant bubble.
Nash also said that the alleged UFO has a metallic appearance. He reportedly used the camera of his phone to get a photo of the unusual aerial object. He further asserted that the UFO changed between green and purple in color. However, his sighting was not justified by the image he got from his phone’s camera as it does not show the changing colors.
The witness claimed that he continued observing the UFO for around 45 minutes before they got instruction to get back to work.
Based on his photo, some believe that Nash just caught on camera an atmospheric phenomenon known as a parhelion or sundog, which is common when sunlight shines thru ice crystals in the air. However, Nash is clueless what he and his co-workers had seen. He reportedly tried to approach UFO enthusiasts to help him identify the mysterious aerial thing in the sky, but he has not been successful so far.

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