U.S. Navy Photo Showing UFO Landing On Aircraft Carrier Is Genuine, Claims Retired Aerospace Engineer

Retired aerospace engineer William Tompkins said a photograph showing a flying saucer that is apparently landing on the aircraft carrier’s flight deck is genuine. Tompkins, who had served leading U.S. corporations for four decades up until 1984, discussed the photo on May 4 in a radio interview. He stressed that the picture was taken from one of the landings by friendly Nordic extraterrestrial UFOs, which were considered regular incidents on U.S. Navy aircraft carriers.
Tompkins career started in 1942 as a Naval Intelligence operative. His duties include giving intelligence briefings to select U.S. aerospace corporations on Nazi Germany’s secret development of anti-gravity spacecraft. To support his claims, he supplied multiple documents as proofs he was assigned to such secret operation and operated out of Naval Air Station in San Diego.
Tompkins said that the extraterrestrial craft would land to get the admiral of the naval battle group and bring him to the mothership in space to hold meetings with commanders of a Nordic Space Navy.
Tomkins explained that the alien craft would go down to talk to the admiral in command on a particular battle group. They would then conduct other programs and meetings. The admiral, together with some other people, would get into the extraterrestrial craft to go to the alien mothership. These aliens, of course, brought them back later, according to Tompkins. Tompkins further emphasized during the interview that the UFOs landed on their aircraft carriers many times.
Frank Chille, the one who got the photo, shared the story about it. He said the original photograph that shows the disk landing on the aircraft carrier was shown to him by Graham Bethune over 15 years ago. The photo was on thick paper and the back side it said “U.S. Navy, top secret, eyes only, 1955.” Chille stated that Bethune allowed him to make a copy of it.

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