Two Witnesses Report Sighting of Large Triangle UFO over Alabama

Newton, Alabama – 4/19/2017 – Shape: Triangle – Duration: 5 seconds

First witness

At 11:50 PM, my partner and I walked outside to see if we could catch a glimpse of the asteroid passing by the earth tonight. We walked around to the front of our property to see the full sky without trees.

After a few minutes of staring, my partner said, “Look up! There’s a UFO!”

I looked up and immediately saw what he was talking about. At first I thought I saw a flock of birds flying southeast in a V formation. I kept my eyes locked on the object the whole 5 seconds I could see it.

What I thought were maybe birds were most definitely lights on a silent, triangle shaped aircraft with 7 white lights on it. The craft was very large and moving very fast.

From where I was standing, I looked straight up, Within 5 seconds the ship disappears approximately 90 degrees; that is from where I was standing to where I lost sight of the craft.

Second witness

My friend and I stepped outside, hoping to catch a glimpse of the asteroid that was passing over. Neither of us saw anything at that time.

So we walked around the yard for a couple minutes. I lit up a cigarette and looked up towards the sky. That’s when I seen a triangular shaped craft of some type just appeared slowly flying over us.

I was confused at what I had seen because it was like it was there and not at the same time. I asked my friend if she was seeing this. She said she had seen it too.

It sort of picked up speed as it took off and disappeared at the same time. This thing was massive whatever it was. Super quiet like a hybrid car motor or something. Unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.

If it were day time this thing could have easily blocked out the sun, I’m sure of it.

It had 7 lights on it that didn’t flash. The lights seemed to be white, but like sort of a dim, white light. It had lights on each side and one in the very tip of the triangle.

It felt like a long time had passed during all this, but it was only maybe 5-10 seconds from the time it showed, till it was gone. It travelled away from me on a 90 degree angle, traveling southeast towards Marianna, Florida.

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