TWILIGHT ZONE Mysterious blue ‘pulsating’ light appears in sky over Manchester sparking UFO theories

A MYSTERIOUS pulsating blue light above Manchester sparked fears of an ALIEN invasion of Britain.

Locals spotted the ominous glow in the sky above Stalybridge, Greater Manchester, at around 11pm on Monday evening.

Social media sites were soon flooded with shots of the mysterious glow – with one user claiming it came from a giant spaceship.

Others speculated that it was part of the Pride Festival celebrations in Manchester city centre.

One wrote: “It was really odd. It was there for a fair few seconds then moved to the left.

Another added: “Anyone see the strange purple lights over Tameside earlier? UFO invasion?”

But the phenomenon turned out to be a laser-guided train making repairs to a nearby set of tracks.

A Network Rail spokeswoman said confirmed that a “tamping train” was carrying out maintenance in the area that night.

She said: “We can confirm this was not an unidentified flying object (UFO). It was rather an identified non-flying object (INFO) – namely a railway ballast tamping machine, which uses lasers.”

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