Tunnels And Ancient Civilizations

By Susan Duclos

Author and researcher Dr. Richard Sauder joins Paul Sandhu for an absolutely riveting interview on a variety of topics, but primarily focusing on underground bases and/or facilities, both military and corporate, as well as ancient labyrinths created by “intelligent beings,” that lie far beneath the ground we walk upon.

Citing ancient Hopi legends of living underground with the “Ant people,” to the works of Brien Foerster providing supplemental evidence of these ancient human-like beings having existed from archaeological findings of beings with elongated skulls, to Giants and the incredible labryinths far beneath the pyramids, showing far advanced technology…. evidence either destroyed or covered up because it cannot be explained in a  manner consistent what we have been told.

Dr. Sauder recounts speaking to an Egyptian military officer that spoke of multiple levels and miles of extensive labyrinths and tunnels beneath the Pyramids, things that visitors are not allowed to see but which the military has knowledge of, with artificially created openings leading to them, to which he states that mainstream Egyptology has been complicit in hiding.

At the 28 minute mark Dr. Sauder and Sandhu bring the topic of underground facilities into present day, the DUMBS aka Deep Underground Military Facilities and what they are used for, but also provides anecdotal evidence that it isn’t just the military using these types of underground cities, but the industrial world is as well, storing technology in preparation for some type of probable planetary catastrophe in the hopes that mankind will not have to start from scratch when the event occurs.

In his book “Hidden In Plain Sight – Beyond The X-Files” and quoted in a 2012 article at Know The Lies, Sauder writes: “it is clear to me that there are power structures on this planet that closely interface with, and yet remain separate from, the official power establishment of any nation as publicly presented in the mainstream news media.”

At the 56 minute mark the conversation takes a turn to the Ebola crisis in west Africa and the “troubling evidence trail that the outbreak may not be natural,” referring to the belief many have that it was deliberately created in a manner consistent with bio warfare. Sauder also points out the inconsistency of the US sending members of the military to Ebola infected areas for “logistical” support when the Ebola crisis is definitely a health issue not a battlefield issue, pointing out that once they return they could potentially act as a “global infection vector,” spreading the disease far and wide.

This brings us to Dr. Sauder’s website, Event Horizon Chronicle,” where on August 17, 2014, in an article titled “Bilderberg Group Unleasehes Demons On The World,” where he asks if the “Ebola Gambit” could be the planned depopulation of Africa and the world?”

Could the brewing Ebola crisis have anything to do with one of the main 2014 Bilderberg topics of discussion: “Who will pay for the demographics?” After all, it is just in the weeks since the Bilderberg meeting that the Ebola crisis has suddenly been uncorked on the world. 

Of course, that question begs the question as to precisely what “demographics” the Bilderberg conferees undertook to discuss.

Would that be “demographics” as in a global population that is seen as too large and which therefore must be reduced? As in, which global populations or demographic groups will pay the heaviest price for being too large, or too undesirable, i.e, which part of the herd will be culled? The desirability and undesirability of said groups to be defined by the Bilderberg attendees, to be sure.

The tie-in  between the underground facilities and the Ebola virus is the rumors that geoengineering of deadly viruses and diseases is being conducted in some of those underground bases and facilities.