Truth About Alien UFOs May Stay Buried As Hillary Clinton Fails To Win the Election

UFO enthusiasts, who look for the truth about aliens, are mourning the result of the U.S. presidential election as Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump. Hillary has been saying in several interviews during the campaign that she’ll open up classified UFO files if she becomes the next president.
The so-called alien disclosure community closely followed Hillary and her campaign manager John Podesta’s pledge to release any top-secret government files about UFOs and aliens.
With Donald Trump declared as the winner in the recently concluded election, UFO enthusiasts’ hopes of UFO disclosure have been dashed.
However, Steve Bassett, founder of Paradigm Research Group, is still hoping that Hillary Clinton and Podesta can influence incumbent President Barack Obama to make the files public and reveal the truth before leaving the office in January.
The PRG believes that there is still enough time for Secretary Clinton, John Podesta, and President Barack Obama for alien disclosure through engaging the media at the soonest time.
In January 2016, Mrs. Clinton said she was also interested in knowing the entire activities in the mysterious Area 51 military facility in Nevada. UFO conspiracy theorists believe Area 51 is the secret place that housed aliens and their advanced technology.

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