Triangle-shaped UFO Observed for 5 Minutes in Connecticut

East Haven, Connecticut – 02-20-17

Flying craft spotted over the water in East Haven, moved along the streets out of sight.

I was driving home from work and came around the bend to see a few bright lights hovering over the water near Anthony’s Oceanside restaurant. It looked like possibly a drone, but was enormous.

I assumed there was something going on at the resort and this was some kind of manned object. However, as I drove out of sight, the houses were blocking my view, I noticed the lights seeming to move away from the water.

As I rounded the corner towards the intersection, I saw the craft cross the intersection several hundred feet ahead of me.

It was hovering maybe 50 feet above the ground, it appeared to move over the powerlines, passing by the Morris Cove fire house and by the pizza place, down the road.

I did not follow.

It had red and white lights, and was triangular in shape as far as I could tell. The lights hovering above the ground were the easiest thing to see in the darkness. It looked to be at least the size of a large car, but much wider at the base.

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