Trees Damaged by UFO

I got a case from a phone call. They seemed to be frightened by a loud noise about 3 AM in April of 1968. When they went out after the noise they noticed that 2 trees had been stripped downward of all its branches and the tree was scarred of all its bark on the inside. All the other trees were ok.

I asked them if they touched anything, the answer was “NO”. So I put on my leather gloves and put the pieces of bark and strips of wood in a cloth bag and sealed it. I took pictures of the area and the trees and the surrounding area. Some of the branches that did not break were hanging downward. Four trees were involved. They formed a diamond shaped area much like a baseball field bases, or 2 Vs facing each other.

The branches that were on the ground were scarred from heat and looked burnt although none had a burnt smell to them. They smelled a lot like sulfur!

I took the samples and put them in a box and sent them to APRO. Along with the samples, pictures, and the statements from the people about the noise and time of hearing the damage (3 AM)

The funny thing was and is to this day in my mind, How did it disappear? APRO got the samples and thanked me for the event report. One thing APRO asked me, the people whose back yard tees were destroyed from ABOVE and down and I still wonder to this day. Where and how did the object go?

There was nothing indicating ANYTHING WENT UP! There was no rocks, no hard substance or any hard object that could cause ALL FOUR TREES to lose its branches upward or downward!!!! Yet the ground and the tree branches smelled like sulfur!

From what APRO told me at the time there was every indication that the branches from all four trees were hit with the same object and at a downward angle. When they received the package, the grass, the fauna and the branches had a strong sulfur smell to them.

The source of the trees being affected “UNIDENTIFIED.” The ground area, dropped and flora of the ground was burnt with the same object and smell was consistent with the branches from the trees and the leaves and grasses and ferns on the ground…

The pictures confirmed the object came down ward and then disappeared when it hit the ground, yet no holes or residue from the object that caused a lot of damage.

Report by A.J.C.

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