Tourist Snaps Photo of UFO in Croydon

A FOREIGN student taking tourist snaps believes she photographed a spooky sightseeing attraction – a UFO.

Teenager Anastasiya Gavrilenko captured the mysterious object speeding through the sky as she walked through a park in Croydon, south London.

The 17-year-old Russian said she was stunned when she printed out her photos taken in Ribblesdown Park last month.

Anastasiya said: “I went to the park because I wanted to take some nice photos in England. But then I heard something in the sky. I looked up and noticed this thing in the sky.

“It was quite large and moving really fast. It was size of a plane but did not look like one – it looked more like a big mushroom.”

Anastasiya said she could not believe her eyes but when she saw her snap she realised what she photographed must have been real.

“I never believed in things like UFOs before I took this picture but now I think they could be true.”

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