Top Secret UFO Files Released By Ministry Of Defense (VIDEO)

The United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense, the MoD, is releasing secret documents on UFO sightings, the Telegraph reports.
Some of these sightings include a UFO flying over the London soccer stadium Stamford Bridge and a «funny shaped object»  spotted above British politician Michael Howard’s house. Other reports mention Winston Churchill and someone claims to have seen a flying Toblerone chocolate bar.
Nick Pope, a former Ministry of Defense UFO claim investigator, states that 95% of the reports are ordinary occurrences that people have misidentified or mistaken.
He adds, «But a small percentage of cases—perhaps 2-3%—are very interesting, are genuinely unexplained, and even those of us at the MoD who worked on this issue were puzzled genuinely saying, ‘Well, we dont know what it is.'»
One such example is a man who claimed he saw a UFO then subsequently got sick and developed a skin condition on the same day.
However, some UFO-related documents will never be released. Pope says the Freedom of Information Act does not allow the release of reports that expose defense, national security and intelligence information. Some conspiracy theorists believe that these restrictions keep the truth of aliens and UFOs from ever being found.
One thing the documents do expose is how numerous UFO sightings are, and how enthusiastic some people are about UFOs. Pope mentions the file title «Persistent Correspondent,» which Pope reveals is «MoD code for ‘This person is becoming a nuisance.'»



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