Top 10 Real Alien Abductions Caught On Tape

While there have been many rumors about people who claim of being abducted by aliens, not many evidences of the same are available in term of video footages. Here are top 10 real alien abduction cases which were luckily (or unluckily) caught on tape.
(1) It is captured in the CCTV surveillance cameras of a facility, a worker is seen to vanish in thin air at 11:15 PM, right after which the camera system ceases to work. It starts working again at 1:06AM when the missing man is seen to appear suddenly out of nowhere. The man looked a bit disoriented as he walks away from the spot.
(2) The famous McPherson abduction case came into news in 1989. The members of the McPherson family spotted a UFO and its occupants one evening. They also find a dead alien who they carry inside the house. After a lot of mysterious things that happened, the members of the family finally got abducted by aliens, never to be seen again.
(3) Russian police cam recorded a strange abduction of few people on the afternoon of 19th June 2010. What looked like a gush of storm appeared in a few seconds and abducted the boarders of a car who had pulled by on the highway.
(4) A British lady who claimed to have been abducted by aliens earlier had installed a CCTV in her bedroom as she was afraid that they might abduct her again. Her fears were proved true when she was again abducted by the aliens on the morning of 9th December 2010 at 3:34 AM. She was returned back to her bed thirteen minutes later on.
(5) While working in her office one late evening, a female worker gets the chill down her spine as she observes files falling off the racks, chairs moving on their own. Before she could react, she slips from her chair on to the ground and gets pulled by the leg by some unknown force. The video shows another couple of cases where people are pulled by their legs into darkness.
(6) A girl gets abducted by aliens in North Hollywood in 2012 while she and her friend were trying to investigate a chase-off that had happened with her friend a week before. She suddenly starts shouting hysterically within minutes of which she gets pulled by leg by some unknown mysterious power.  (7) It was 26th December, 2010 when William Bradley and his family got abducted while they were on a family vacation trip in Great Alpine Road in Victoria, Australia. The members get abducted one by one as mysterious flash of lights are seen. The last ones to get abducted are the siblings Jackson and Emma.
(8) A group of friends gets chased by an alien who apparently looks like a nude human being. After trying to evade for some time the friends start getting missing one by one. As the person who was taking the video also gets abducted there are strange sounds heard.
(9) A cow is seen being levitated by a circular orb up in the sky and being abducted. The next morning the cow was found back on the fields, dead. All blood had been sucked out of the cow by someone. The event happened in 1983
(10) A truck is being spotted to be lifted off the highway by a wide beam of light. The levitation was momentary and the truck was released back on the ground the next minute. The incidence happened on 27th August 2013 in Stuttgart, Germany.


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