Top 10 Alien Human Hybrid Characteristics

There are claims from alien abductees that they have been subjected to forced sexual relationship with aliens and women have been impregnated. The result of this is the birth of alien human hybrids that walk among us today and are to be found in the middle of any crowd on the planet. While in most cases, the alien traits of these hybrid children are dormant and it is the human traits which are more active, yet there are certain characteristics that confirm that the person whom you are referring to is an alien hybrid or not.
Physical characteristics

(1) Usually alien human hybrids do not have much hair on their head. Sparse, thin and black hair is what most of the alien human hybrids have got. The rest part of their bodies is devoid of any hair usually. To cover this up, many alien human hybrids tend to wear wigs which hide the natural hair scarcity and give them a normal appearance.
(2) The eyes of alien human hybrids are usually very compelling. The deep vision that they carry in their eyes lets them see through the inner soul of an individual. There is an extraterrestrial calmness in their ways and the way they stare at things. Usually the eyeball of these hybrids are little larger than normal humans.
(3) There are cases where the cranium of alien human hybrids is slightly bigger than normal humans. This is being seen since ancient times actually. While there are many ancient tribes that try to elongate the cranium by tying ropes, there are many people who are born with a large sized cranium.
(4) The body temperature of alien human hybrids is usually little lower than normal human body temperature. As aliens are believed to be ‘cold blooded’, their genes tend to pull the body temperature down.
(5) Many of the alien human hybrids are usually snub nosed individuals. The alien genetic implications are to be blamed for this as aliens are mostly been described as being with snub noses.
A different mind game altogether
(6) If you have doubts that you are an alien human hybrid, you may want to keep a tab on your dreams. It is said that alien human hybrids have more number of flying dreams than anyone else. While dreams of flying usually signifies that the individual is happy and in a good mood, but when the frequency of such dreams increase, you got to believe that some genes that you are carrying in your body has been delivered from outer space.

(7) The average intellect of alien human hybrids is more than any earthling. Now this is something that is the most obvious thing. If you would have some share of your genes coming from the super intelligent extraterrestrial sources, it is most unlikely that your intellect would be on the lower side.
(8) An alien human hybrid would not need to communicate with you to understand what is going on in your mind. With their patrimonial telepathic skills they are usually able to read the thoughts of individuals without saying a word to them.
Other characteristics

(9) Most alien human hybrids will have a hypersensitivity to electro-magnetic or electric fields. The moment they are in the proximity of such fields, they would start feeling uncomfortable and their thought processes would tend to get disrupted.
(10) Alien human hybrids are usually chronic patients of Sinusitis which is a medical condition where the sinus of the nose gets inflamed and causes a lot of headache or even flowing nose. If you have someone in your surrounding who has a running nose round the year, you better check out his other characteristics.

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