TOMB ZOOM Ancient Egyptian sarcophagus spotted on MARS in Nasa photo, crackpot YouTube conspiracy theorist claims

A BONKERS UFO-hunter claims to have found an Ancient Egyptian artefact in Nasa photos of Mars.

Notorious conspiracy nut Scott C Waring reckon’s he’s spotted signs of a sarcophagus embedded in the red planet’s rocky surface.

Scott, whose prolific posts on his website UFO Sightings Daily have won him a sizeable online following, believes his “discovery” proves that Ancient Egyptians came from Mars.

“I’ve got an interesting discovery on Mars that is going to rock archaeology,” Scott said in a YouTube video about the find.

“There is an Ancient Egyptian tomb of sorts carved into the side of this mountain on Mars.

“Are ancient Egyptians from Mars? Did they then move to Egypt? Egypt is very similar in appearance and weather to that of Mars. No other place on Earth looks much like Mars.”

Scott identified the mysterious object in a photo of Mars taken in 2007 by Nasa’s Opportunity rover.

According to Nasa, the image shows rock layers and formation on the cliff of Cape St. Vincent in Mars’ Victoria Crater.

Scott used photo-editing tools to highlight what he says are Ancient Egyptian artefacts visible in the picture.

As well as the “sarcophagus”, Scott claims to have found carvings of faces, unfinished statues and “alien technology” that he thinks was left behind by Martians.

“Isn’t this just amazing, it really looks like an Egyptian tomb carved into the side of a Mars mountain,” he said.

It appears to have eye, nose, a chin and a very extended forehead, which may have occupied a more enhanced brain.”

Scott’s claims are not backed up by scientific evidence – space scientists have not found any clues that there is, or ever was, intelligent life on Mars.

Alien expert Nigel Watson, author of UFOs of the First World War, said Waring’s comments were a “stretch of the imagination”.

“I think it takes a lot of imagination to see a sarcophagus in these rock formations,” he told The Sun.
“To also deduce that it is ‘Egyptian’ and that it was created by beings who later came to Earth – where they presumably brought their skills to building the pyramids – is an even bigger stretch of the imagination that takes us into the world of fantasy rather than fact.”

The find is more likely the result of pareidolia, a bizarre effect which causes the brain to see shapes, structures and patterns where they do not exist.

According to Nasa: “Pareidolia is the psychological phenomenon where people see recognisable shapes in clouds, rock formations, or otherwise unrelated objects or data.

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