Three Days Under Arrest by Nordic Aliens

Nordic alien abduction

10 October 2001, about 17 hours, the residents of the village of Pervomayskoye, Krasnodar territory noticed in the sky a triangular UFO. That evening, during the night and morning of 11 October, a mysterious glowing object observed in different regions — in the Stavropol territory, the Rostov, Volgograd, Saratov and Samara regions.

The Oleg story about what happened to him, it sounded something like this:
“One of his productions I have decided to arrange on the bend of the river N. in the South of the Nizhny Novgorod region. The place is comfortable and also beautiful. In the nearest village recruited workers and security guards. The area was fenced with barbed wire (I’m very careful), security was around the clock. The plant I have not yet started, but already settled in one of the huts, inside made good repair. In this hut I was 11, when suddenly the phone rang on local communications from the guard: “Over your home, hang some huge thing. The size of meters per hundred. And yet shines.”

I looked out the window and was stunned: a luminous object, like mist, was right above the roof of the house. While I was thinking, the events developed further. The house began to appear mysterious creatures. They were of two types: some are similar to women in white robes, others on men in uniform. They walked through the rooms, without noticing me, endured some metal stuff. When the initial shock passed, I began to resent: “What are you doing here? This is my dominion!”

The creature looked at me and seemed genuinely surprised. At this point, for me, it would have included sound — I began to hear what they “say”. Telepathically, they explained that no harm I won’t cause that they were having some technical problems that must be solved, and most importantly — what is not my property and their territory. Say, this place belongs to them since time immemorial. And put condition: don’t let anyone in and never come out. I called security and said that I was all right and to tell anyone about what you see is not told”.
So, on 11 October 2001 in the country house of the Nizhny Novgorod businessman Oleg turned up a mysterious creature who said that their aircraft broke down. And that they will have to stay here for a few days…

According to Oleg, his “house arrest” lasted for three days. All this time the “techies” in uniform doing some work, and “women” in turn followed the master. He wanted to look into a big room where there was the main event, but he was not allowed to do so. Neither the TV nor radio in the house didn’t work. All three days Oleg watched the video.

Finally one of the women reported that they finished their work and soon abandoned it. Here he is alarmed: “If you have such opportunity please help me. As you can see, I’ve been disabled. Can cure my legs?” — “I can, but then you have daily to keep fit. Be sure to run. Otherwise the whole organism will start to degrade”. After that Oleg had a “operation”: two “women” stood on both sides and using a device scanned his body. Finally he said: “Now you don’t just have normal legs, and very strong legs. But keep in mind that everything that happened should remain a secret.”

The next morning Oleg woke up completely healthy. The skeptic-materialist, it was hard to believe what happened to him. But how to explain the miraculous healing of the legs? Some days the businessman was in a state of euphoria (he really started to run), and then came the fear: what if they return? And whether it is necessary to start production in this strange place? Then he turned to the “Kosmopoisk”.

“After his story, we immediately went to the scene, — says Vadim Chernobrov. — Gently asked the people in the village: nobody saw anything. They were devoted to the security guards and the Manager of the businessman. Few days we lived in the same house where it all happened. The place is really strange: you feel a constant sense of anxiety, heard some steps, extraneous sounds. The most intense moment, when we started instrument studies, in the house suddenly turn off the electricity. The cause of failure was never found. When we left, the light itself become involved.”

The history of the “phenomenon 11 October” ended tragically. Tried, information to keep secret, alas, failed. The village stood on the ears: “yeah, we said that this place is cursed! And there is still a base of aliens!” Soon over the territory and not to start the operation of the plant reappeared UFO. It was time to see the guards, but where he went then, they had not seen.

They were not before: instantly a fire broke out and all the buildings burned to the ground. For Oleg it was another shock: it became clear that so you have to pay for the disclosure of secrets. Businessman depressed, ceased to look after their health. As he warned, once again started having problems with his legs. Began to act up lungs and heart. In January 2004, he died.
Still, the point in this history to put early. Oleg remembered that the aliens told him: “We’ll be back in eight.” eight, he did not understand. Days, months, years?.. And where are they coming again? On the very ashes or elsewhere?

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