This Native American Chief Risked All To Give Us The Prophecies And Knowledge Of The Star People—The Story Of How Standing Elk Became Chief Golden Light Eagle

– Why did Standing Elk decide to brave possible alienation from his people to give us all a glimpse into Native American prophecy and traditions of the Star People?

He feels he was given a great gift of knowledge from beyond that must be shared with all people, no matter their background. He claims he was visited by beings of extraterrestrial origin who wish to enlighten the people of Earth as to their origins and future.

He stood against his own people in some ways, receiving much negative feedback at the beginning of his quest, even death threats. Yet he persisted, eventually uniting many tribes in a common pursuit, to bring a message of hope to the world.

Chief Golden Light Eagle, like many Native Americans, has had several names given to him over the course of his life. His legal birth name is Loren Zephier. He is of the Ihunktowan Dakota Nation, with ancestry from Lakota, Dakota and Nakota Sioux tribes, as well as some French. He is one of seven Sundance Chiefs for the Yankton Sioux. He says he was given the name Standing Elk by an elder in a dream, and he went by that name for many years.

Golden Light Eagle was given to him in a vision at the ancient mounds of Cahokia, Illinois, after he had started his mission to bring the knowledge of the Star Nations and prophecies of the Native Americans to all people.

How did this mission begin?

Standing Elk said that as a child he saw large UFOs flying around the Missouri River valley, huge green balls of light with portholes on the sides through which he could see the shadows of beings inside. Standing Elk also said at an early age he was visited by some “Star People” who just looked at him, but never communicated. The Native American tribes have always known about these visitors from the stars and have many legends of them and the knowledge they gave to the tribes. They object to the terms “extraterrestrials” or “aliens” because they say these beings are our brothers and sisters. The Native Americans believe that the “Star Nations” seeded this world with life and continue to watch over their Earth families.

In August of 1995, Standing Elk had his first life-changing encounter. He was a teacher at this time for the children of the tribe. One night while he and his son were staying at the Antelope Retreat Center in Savory, Wyoming, he observed something strange and went out to investigate. He says he was led out by two beings who were greyish in color, hairless and genderless. They took him to meet two other taller beings down by a creek who had some sort of metallic beam with symbols on it. They spoke to him by mental communication and explained the symbols to him.

During this communication, Standing Elk’s son woke up, and the beings broke off the communication. Standing Elk went back to his son, who was excited because “Star People” had been there. Standing Elk told his son they had always been here and to go back to sleep. After this, the memory of the meaning of the symbols faded.

Standing Elk decided to do a series of sweat lodge ceremonies during the winter of that year in order to retrieve the memory of the symbols. He asked for help from his ancestors and the Star Nations in order to understand. He had a replica made of the metal beam with the symbols and has shown this to people on several occasions when talking about the symbols.

Standing Elk says he had several other encounters with the Star People and was instructed to teach others of these symbols which represent Universal and Spiritual Laws. He quit his job as a teacher for the children of the tribe in order to teach this knowledge to all people and began writing books explaining these laws. He refers to them as the 11:11, 12:12, and 13:13 Universal and Spiritual Laws of Creator.

In 1996, Standing Elk began holding the Star Knowledge Conferences in order to fulfill his mission to teach the people. He apologized to the elders in advance, because he was told to give this knowledge to all people, not just the tribes. Standing Elk had also been instructed by the Star People to reveal the Native American prophecies, including the Hopi and Mayan. He gave these to several others as insurance that the message would get out no matter what happened to him. Many Native Americans were upset that he wanted to give tribal knowledge to the “white man” and Standing Elk received some threats, but he persisted. He says that we are all family, and this knowledge must be brought to everyone and bring all the races together in the fulfillment of the Hopi Rainbow Warrior Prophecy.

Since that first Conference in South Dakota, the gatherings have grown very large and been held in many places around North America. One was held at Cahokia, and that was when Standing Elk saw a vision of Golden Light Eagle, which he said was an ancient Chief there. At that time he was told to begin the 13:13 teaching, and took on the name of Chief Golden Light Eagle to reflect this expanded mission.

The Star Knowledge Conferences and books continue to be a great success and have brought many native tribes together from both North and South America, as well as all kinds of people from around the world. Truly Chief Golden Light Eagle has become a Rainbow Warrior and united the people of all races in this way!

By Thalia Lightbringer – Staff Writer

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