The Sign of Alien Presence: Roswell Incident, Cattle Mutilations, and UFO Sightings

Recently, Ben Mezrich wrote a book about the Social Network film and mentioned how turned his attentions to the UFOs. He also said about the military have been covering up. Months ago, US presidential aspirant Hilary Clinton had promised to uncover the secrecy of alien documents, if there are any, to the general public, provided there be no threat to national security. Even though some people argue that Hilary was just using the files for her campaign, a conclusion about the possibility of life on other planets was made.
The writer believed on the statements thrown by Hilary. During the previous years, he was not a UFO believer because he came from a family of scientists. Even though there exists life on other planets, owing from the different objects seen every day, an infinite number of stars, and among others, the idea of flying objects and extraterrestrial vessels seems silly to seriously contemplate. However, his beliefs were reversed when he met the protagonist of his latest book entitled “The 37 Parallel” (Amazon link) from Chuck Zukowski.
Until the summer of 2010, Chuck was used to be a microchip engineer and sheriff’s deputy (part-time reserve only). Unfortunately, he was fired while investigating a cattle mutilation on a ranch in Colorado. The trend of cattle mutilation is one of the most mysterious at the same time far-reaching stories brought in this modern age. For the past 70 years, more than 10,000 horses and cows have been mutilated and killed in a brutal fashion. The cattle were lying on their sides, and their organs were removed in precise wounds. What is more mysterious is the organs removed from the animals are tongues, hearts, eyes, and lungs. To worst scenario is the carcasses found that have been completely drained of blood.
Despite the petitions and investigations for ten years involving agents, they found absolutely nothing. Since no suspect was found, no probable cause to arrest a particular person. To this end, no conclusions have been found and so the case remains a mystery. Chuck is beginning to wonder if the mutilation he was investigating was a result of the UFO’s activity. After all, a strange sighting was quite common in Colorado. He is indeed entitled to his opinion, and should be forgiven. After all, strange sightings have been seen by different people all over the world.

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