The Separation of Church and Space

How naive must one be to claim they don’t “believe” in extra-terrestrial life. With all the evidence accumulated to this point in time how could anyone still be in denial? You don’t have to believe in potatoes either but that wouldn’t make them any less existent.
Men from Mars and flying saucers sounds more like science fiction than proven fact, but I feel we’re rapidly approaching a time where the existence of aliens is universally accepted. It’s not a coincidence some of the most influential people in human history have been believers. Leonardo da Vinci, Christopher Columbus, Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein, Steven Hawking, His Holiness The Honorable Sir Carnegeezie Kid Esquire…
Its just ridiculous to think that with an infinite amount of galaxies, in a universe of infinite space that modern day homo sapiens could be the most advanced life form to ever exist. Its so wildly egotistical and narcissistic that only a species as audacious as the human being would believe such a thing.
Many people think believing in extraterrestrials is somehow blasphemous, and is in direct conflict with their religious beliefs. That accepting the fact that there’s a higher level of intelligence somewhere in the universe refutes the word of God, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Remember that it is religion, not God, that claims humans were God’s greatest creation, and religion is an invention of man. Being that religion is the human interpretation of the word of God, it cannot be perfect and must always be viewed with some margin for error.
I fully and wholeheartedly believe in God. I know God exists and to me his presence is indisputable. But forgive me for not thinking the creation of the human being is for lack of a better term his “crowning achievement.” Forgive me for not believing that people living 3,000 years ago knew more about the origin of man than we do today. In my opinion whats blasphemous is suppressing our God-given logic when trying to solve the mysteries of the universe. Blindly following the word of a religion and disregarding such extensive scientific evidence. Is this just one big hoax? Are the thousands of people with first-hand accounts just making things up? Are they all crazy? Why have a universe with an infinite amount of space for intelligent life to only exist on Earth — billions of other stars, planets, and galaxies — for absolutely no reason? I find that very hard to believe.   The Vatican has even released statements saying that the existence of extraterrestrial life does not discredit the presence of God. I believe God is responsible for creating every life form in the universe. It just so happens that human beings probably aren’t the most intelligent ones.
The French government now actually allows the public full access to all its files involving aliens and the UFO phenomenon. How much would we know if the U.S. Government and the rest of the world were to do the same? There has to be some type of happy medium between the scientist and the religious fanatic. The answer doesn’t lie in one of the two extremes. It may lean more heavily in either direction but neither argument is 100 percent true or false.
We probably aren’t ready to face such a provocative truth, it would undoubtedly tear at the very foundation of society. But with the current state of the world maybe its the foundation that needs fixing. Five-hundred years ago we didn’t know the earth was round. Two-hundred years ago, we had no idea dinosaurs ever existed. What don’t we know today? Don’t let fear of the unknown cloud your judgement or restrict the quest for knowledge.

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