The Mysterious UFO Sighting Of Belgian UFO Wave

UFOs or Unidentified Flying Objects has been the object of interest, debate and fascination to the human race for long. After the official records of UFO sightings have started to be kept since 1950, the number of sightings has been increasing at an alarming rate over the last few decades.
The UFO sighting of Belgian UFO wave :

It was the winters of 1989 when people of Belgium started spotting a series of triangular lights in the sky which continued until the spring of 1990. This event of mass UFO sighting is popularly known as the Belgian UFO wave where countless people have witnessed triangular shaped UFOs dashing from one horizon to another. The Belgian Air Force had to intervene in the matter as even the Belgian radars had tracked several such UFOs.

Matters took a serious turn when the flying objects were seen near the Belgian Airspace. It was then that even Belgian F-16s were scrambled in the sky to intercept the UFOs. After a failed attempt to weapon locks the flying objects for nine times that lasted for more than an hour, the F-16s returned to the base. The flying objects disappeared within half an hour of the returning of the fighter jets, not to be seen again.

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