Inside UFO-obsessed Jackie Gleason’s spaceship-like mansion on stilts the ‘Round House’ as it hits the market for £9million

DESIGNED by comedy star Jackie Gleason and inspired by science fiction, this UFO-shaped mansion could be yours for £9million.

Legendary US funny man Gleason had the entirely circular home, known as the Round House, built in Westchester County, New York, in 1959.

The UFO-loving actor would refer to his quirky sanctuary-on-stilts as The Mothership because it resembled a flying saucer.

Gleason designed the two-bedroom, 3,950-square-foot home himself at the height of his popularity in TV show The Honeymooners – in which he would tell his on-screen wife: “To the moon, Alice”.

It took five years and $650,000 (£490,000) to build.

The property includes two other homes that Gleason used as a refuge from his work and the glare of the media.

Margaret Bailey, a broker who is co-listing the home, said: “Jackie used the [property] as an escape from his busy schedule filming The Honeymooners.”

He wanted to “work and live peacefully,” Bailey told the New York Post.

Everything inside the Round House is circular and doesn’t include any right angles.

The interior includes an eight-foot round bed and a TV built into the ceiling above it.

It also has a round shower, round built-in cabinets in the circular kitchen and round furniture in the circular study.

The home was built by a shipbuilder in an aeroplane hangar, then disassembled and brought to the site.



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