The ‘Band Of Peace’ And Ancient Egyptian Technology – Is It Possible These Sites Were Power Generators?

– Everyone knows about the Pyramids of Giza. Many are also aware of the Step Pyramid of Djoser at Saqqara, and perhaps also the pyramids attributed to Sneferu (Bent, Red). However, there are many more scattered across Egypt that receive far less attention.

The first attempt to catalogue them in the 1800s by Karl Richard Lepsius listed more than sixty. Now we are aware of more than one hundred such structures.

The late Egyptologist and indigenous wisdom keeper Ab’del Hakim Awyan, who was born in the village of Abusir near the Giza Plateau, stated Egyptians include twenty-two of these pyramids in what they call the “Band of Peace” which includes Giza and other sites both north and south of that along the Nile.

Why were so many of these structures built all down the length of the Nile? If they were tombs, where are the funerary texts (with the exception of the Pyramid of Unas)?

Where are the remnants of grave goods and the bodies? Is it possible that their purpose was far different than that attributed to them by mainstream archaeology?

A growing number of researchers also believe that some of these sites are far older than Egyptologists have told us, and there is some evidence to support this view…

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