The Astronauts and Aliens

The Astronauts

“Oh, my God! You wouldn’t believe it! These babies are huge, sir!

Enormous! I’m telling you there are other spacecraft out there. Lined up on the far side of the crater edge! They’re on the moon watching us!”

Apollo 11

What’s there? Mission Control calling Apollo 11.

Former NASA employee Otto Binder states that the above exchange was picked up by HAM radio operators with their own VHF receiving facilities that did not go through NASA’s broadcasting channels. Apollo 11 was the mission manned by Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin; both men were the first to land on the moon July 21, 1969.

They Never Said Anything 
Many people have asked about what the astronauts might have seen when they were in space. Did they see UFOs? The astronauts are a unique group. They have had experiences and have been places the rest of humanity can only dream about. Over the years many astronauts have been badly misquoted and have had statements attributed to them that they never made. It has made many of them media-shy and reluctant to discuss the topic at all.

Down Here, But Not Up There 
Basically, most of the astronauts deny ever seeing UFOs while on space missions; however, they almost all admit to seeing them while doing duty as test pilots in jet planes. A list of their exact statements is at the end of this chapter. Stories continue to swirl around NASA and the astronauts. One fact is clear: Astronauts are military personnel. They have to follow military regulations in order to keep their pensions. Many of NASA’s programs are paid for by the Department of Defense, even though NASA is a civilian agency

The Stories Are True
Russian and American scientists confirm that stories about the astronauts seeing Alien spacecraft and other strange things are true.

Former Chief of NASA Communications Systems Maurice Chatelain and Russian scientists say there are large geometric structures on the moon, as well as ruins. Russia’s Luna 9 and the United States Orbiter 2 have photographed these structures. The U.S. photos were taken by Orbiter 2 in 1966 on November 20. The photos were of an area of the moon known as The Sea of Tranquility. NASA has classified hundreds of lunar photographs and has never released them, despite the fact that this action is illegal.


Egypt Checks In
There’s more. These objects on the moon are not natural rock formations like the tower-shaped rocks in Utah and Arizona. These are artifacts; the remains of structures built by an intelligent civilization, similar to the cliff dwellings in Mesa Verde.

Russian scientists led by Alexander Abramov discovered that there are large objects arranged in the same grid pattern, including distances between the objects, as the pyramids in Egypt. Richard Hoagland, U.S. researcher and former NASA consultant, has discovered the same thing!
Abramov has applied the Egyptian pyramid pattern called an ‘abaka’, a grid of forty-nine squares, to the structures on the moon. They match exactly! In addition William Blair of the Boeing Institute of Biotechnology has discovered “obelisks” on the moon that form six isosceles triangles!

Review the Orbiter 2 Photos
It is against the law for NASA to classify data. So ask for it. Citizens should demand to see the entire series of Orbiter 2 photos. They are all numbered and in sequence. WE will know if some are missing.
Next, these are public officials. A dollar says their salaries are higher than yours. Demand that they take a polygraph test and a drug screen to keep their jobs, just like the rest of us, and during the screening process, we should ask them about the missing data.

The Eagle Has Landed
When Apollo 11 landed on the moon, they put down in the Sea of Tranquility. Researcher Richard Hoagland claims that his computer analysis of the reflections off the space helmets of the astronauts claims to show ruins in the background.

Dr. Vladimir Azhazha also states that Neil Armstrong radioed mission control that UFOs were watching them during their romp on the moon.


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