The Ancient Aliens Debunked Through Artifacts

This article to debunk the aliens’ existence using the ancient artifacts since the time of Columbus or before, the artifacts are replica of modern aircrafts, insects and fish and even the modern day aircrafts.
The artifacts
The artifacts that were found are very old yet they are representation of the modern day technologies that were not in existence at that day. For example the shape of fighter jet aircrafts that were found in the ancient ruins yet today we have fighter jets of the same shape, wings and even other parts.

The building that they could have been built by the aliens are like the pyramid and the Mabuku which was build using very hard stones known as granite. This shows that stones like granite cannot be shaped without machines and technology. The stones were shaped by the tools that were not there at that time and thus could mean that they used technology. But the scientists have shown that the stones could be made shaped using the normal tools using sand. Also the Egyptian pyramid was built by people using the readily available materials. The stones were cut using sand between the wooden materials, chisel and grinding tools. All the stones debunk that indeed were not built by the aliens, also the pyramids materials were normal sand bricks and they were built in the middle of the sand quarry. And moving the materials were moved using slates and the stones were dragged using channels.
Although there are blocks and stones in the ancient architecture that are in existence up to date, there have been scientific explanation to how they made or the stones were curved. The building some of them have very large stones and even the stones or sculptures are found in places that there are no stones. So the worry was how were the sculptures curved and moved to where they are. The pyramid technology was beyond its time and the reasons that they give are easily debunked in the video. For example the existence of soot in the pyramid and the video shows that lamps were used that were soaked in oil so that they burnt purely. Most of the artifacts presented and described by the people believed to be the experts of the UFO have been debunked and proofed to be just but claims. This video clearly shows that indeed the UFO of the artifacts especially the building is not true.

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