Terrifying ‘alien’ spider with the face of ET on its back terrifies the Internet

A WEIRD looking spider with an alien’s face on its body caused quite the panic after it made its way into a Russian flat.

The unknown homeowner, who took pictures of the spider, posted the images online to find out what it was.

It was spotted in a flat in the city of Penza in western Russia’s Penza Oblast region.

People online seemed split between being afraid of the spider and curious about what exactly it was — and whether it was poisonous.

Zoologist Oleg Polumordvinov stepped in to solve the mystery as he was convinced that the spider was a harmless flower crab spider.

He said: «These spiders are typical for our region and do not pose any threat to humans.»

He explained this type of spider is commonly found in woods during the autumn and eat only flies, as they are unable to bite through human skin.

Mr Polumordvinov said he thought it was likely the spider had come in to the flat from the outside and there was nothing to be afraid of.

He added: «Just catch it and release it on to the street. There is nothing else to do here.»

Netizen ‘King Fullbuster’ commented: «While the photo was loading I thought the face was externally attached to the spider. Kinda creepy.»

And ‘Anatoliy Sysoyev’ added: «C’mon dude, stop whining. This spider is definitely not poisonous, I used to eat those when I was a kid. You are good.»



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