Telepathic Activation and Deactivation

Part 3

Researchers do not know how telepathic communication is activated between humans and aliens. At least three scenarios are possible. The first suggests that each human has an innate physiological ability to communicate telepathically with other humans and the aliens in some way “tap into” that normally unused facility. In fact, it is not uncommon for ordinary people to claim that they can “read” people’s minds. Researchers engaged in testing whether extrasensory perception is genuine have hotly debated the existence of these abilities. So far the evidence, while highly suggestive, is still inconclusive and these claims have not been consistently valid. If this ability was authentic and all humans shared it even slightly, it would have early on become a central feature of human thought, culture, and life. The profound effect it would have had on almost all human relations would most certainly have made human history very different than what it has been. In fact, very little evidence exists that every human has a biological ability to telepathically communicate. And, the majority of humans do not claim to have innate telepathic powers. Therefore, telepathic communication is not and has not been a valid and recognized form of human communication.

If telepathy is not physiologically innate, a second scenario might apply: abductee telepathy is artificially stimulated by neurological manipulations and/or alterations. Thus, aliens provide humans with telepathic abilities by biologically affecting permanent changes in brain chemistry. If this were the case, one would expect that this telepathic ability would continue after abduction events. In fact, some abductees do claim this happens. They say that after some abductions they have a gradually decreasing ability to read peoples’ minds for as long as several weeks afterward. Unfortunately, no scientific studies have been mounted to substantiate this and the abductees have not checked with those people who are the object of their mind reading to ascertain their accuracy. But, even if this were true, one would expect that given the high frequency of abductions for most abductees, telepathic abilities would last over the course of many abductees’ lifetimes and would play an increasingly important role in human life. This has not happened.

It is, of course, possible that the biological changes causing telepathic capacity respond to stimuli only originating with alien causative factors isolated in time. This would mean that telepathy could be activated for an abduction event and then deactivated after. If the deactivation is in some way incomplete, and a residue of it lingers and wanes, abductees might gain a sense of telepathic communication with other humans in nonabduction events. This might explain the abductee reports of post-abduction telepathic abilities.

The third possibility for telepathic response is that it is caused by manufactured devices implanted into abductees’ brains. The implantation of such a device might take place during infancy or early childhood. It could be activated and deactivated automatically for an abduction. Sometimes these devices might be “faulty” in some way and, like the faulty deactivation of biological changes, and cause the telepathic response to continue for a period after an abduction. So far, researchers have yet to discover any such implant in a characteristic region of the brain, recover it, and then show its function. But, there is always a possibility that this might happen.

Whatever the causative factor, a form of telepathic communication starts at the very beginning of virtually every abduction event. While it is not necessarily converted into words, the abductees know what is conveyed to them. Aliens can initiate this type of telepathic communication even before the abductees see them. For example, abductees “know” that they must go to bed, get out of bed, go downstairs, go outside, drive somewhere, stop the car, or do whatever activities the nonverbal orders have them do so that the abduction can begin.

It is important to understand that all reports of personally directed complex telepathic communication between abductees and aliens from a long distance are usually examples of channeling. The evidence very strongly suggests that aliens are not in communication with abductees apart from abductions. Thus, one must be exceptionally cautious about people’s accounts of having personal dialogues in their normal environments with aliens on a continuing basis. In the same sense, “messages” to abductees should also be looked upon with extreme skepticism.

 Telepathic communication is deactivated just as mysteriously as when it begins. Abductees do not report procedures whereby the aliens cause telepathic communication to cease. If this were the case, researchers would be seeing it at the end of every abduction event. Sometimes abductees report the residue of telepathic abilities that slowly dissipates over a period of a few weeks. This might be evidence that activation/deactivation is not dependent on artificially constructed devices.

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