Super Awesome Science Show: Studying UFOs

Have you ever seen strange lights in the sky? How about oddly shaped vessels floating around in the air? If you have and cannot explain it, you may have seen an unidentified flying object, better known as a UFO.

On this week’s Super Awesome Science Show, we’re going to venture into ufology — a field that’s working to figure out what these mysterious objects happen to be.

On the episode, we talk to Ryan Sprague, a prominent member of the ufology community, who has shared his views on UFOs in articles and interviews with news outlets, on his podcast Somewhere in the Skies and through his latest project, the TV show Roswell: Mysteries Decoded, which appeared on CW’s streaming network, CW Seed.

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We first learn about the nature of ufology — including, most importantly, what it’s not. While there are several stereotypes, the true goal of ufology is to find answers to questions we simply do not yet know about the flying crafts themselves, whether alien- or human-made. We hear about the work that is being performed and some of the advancements in the field that have opened the door to even greater interest.

We continue the discussion to explore how ufology work is done and shared with the community. As one of the most prolific members of the community, we learn about Sprague’s passion for discovery and how he tries to ensure his work is both accurate and compelling.

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In our SASS Class, we explore the phenomenon known as Alienstock. First conceived as an invasion of the infamous Area 51, where extraterrestrial life and technology are believed to be housed, it has become an opportunity for anyone who has an interest in UFOs and of course aliens to find a like-minded community.

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