Strange ‘alien activity’ causing Arizona couple to sell home

An Arizona man was selling their ranch in Buckeye, Ariz., due to a number of strange alien encounters him and his wife have experienced. (Reuters)
Is the truth out there? Maybe for some, but one Arizona man is not going to wait to find out.
John Edmonds has lived at his Buckeye ranch for 20 years but is ready to leave due to a number of reportedly strange “alien encounters” he and his wife have experienced.
The Stardust Ranch, also known as the “Alien Ranch,” can be purchased for the low price of $5 million, according to the home’s listing. Besides a large amount of land (10 acres) and five bedrooms, the owner also gets the chance to experience contact with aliens.
“Almost immediately from the day we moved in, we began to have strange experiences,” Edmonds told 12 News.
Edmonds posted a picture of his calf with strange marks on it on his Facebook page with the caption: “Wounds from recent attack here at Stardust Ranch upper right calf from battle with malevolent ET. This is why I want to move!”
Edmonds told the Travel Channel he has killed 18 aliens, or “alien grays” as he called them, with his samurai sword during his tenure living at the ranch.
One particular time, Edmonds had to break out his sword when he saw his wife’s body being levitated by three aliens.
“If you don’t take the heads, they disappear,” Edmonds said.
Edmonds said he hopes to move to Maine to start a horse rescue ranch, USA Today reported. He already owns one located on the Stardust Ranch. Edmonds said the animals were “strangely mutilated” on the ranch’s property.
Despite the strange activity, Edmonds said he and his wife stayed at the ranch because he was “stubborn.”
“I am extremely stubborn, both logically and rationally,” Edmonds told USA Today. “I have a lot of money and time invested in this property, and many animals housed here.”
Kimberly Gero, the real estate agent trying to sell the home, told 12 News potential buyers were either intrigued by the ranch or scared.
“Some are very intrigued and have no issues with the history of the property,” Gero told 12 News. “While others are absolutely scared to death about what may or may not happen to them if they should buy it.”
“Obviously, it is going to take a unique person who has a true curiosity and interest in the property’s history,” Gero added. “I have no doubt that there is a buyer out there for this special place.”

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