Stirlingshire woman claims UFO was shot down over a tiny village

A video has surfaced online apparently showing an unidentified object on fire and in distress in the skies above Kippen, Stirling.

The video was posted by a Youtube channel, titled UFO Today, and was submitted by an anonymous female subscriber who lives near the village.

The video was captured on Saturday, September 1, after the woman heard a loud bang outside. She rushed to her balcony with her camera and she noticed what she described as “a UFO flying erratically near a hill”.

In the video, the object can be seen to be seemingly on fire, with flames and sparks emitting from it.

The object was rapidly changing altitude and direction before tailing off and seemingly disappearing.

The woman says she does not know what the object was, but says she is sure that it was not man-made. She added: “It did not produce any sound at all. When I analysed the footage I noticed the object ejected a lot of material.”

Police say that they have no reports of the incident.

Comments flooded in, speculating what the video may contain.

John Oh said: “It looks more like something in trouble, if there’s no noise then it probably hasn’t been shot down. It could be a technical fault. Also at the end (of the video) it looks like something small flying away from it to the right, almost like an escape capsule. It’s a good video and makes you wonder.”

TimTheSeer said: “It holds altitude and even goes upward and does a big backflip. It’s wide like a small aircraft, hang glider or parachute. Not a missile shape.”

Jacob Blanton added: “I thought it was fireworks based on how it burned, but why no sound after the initial launch? I suppose a shooting/burning firework may not be audible at this distance, unlike an exploding one.”

The latest incident adds to central Scotland’s growing reputation as a UFO hotspot.

In June last year, the Observer reported how a Bannockburn woman who spotted a UFO flying over the town says she was left unable to sleep at night following the incident.

The 42-year-old told how she made the sighting in the Hillpark area of the town when she saw a circular shaped aircraft in the sky that she estimated to be around 100–feet in diameter.

There was a similar sighting in Cowie in March, 2016, when a 58–year old eyewitness reported seeing fast moving lights in the sky.

In April 2013 another person spotted an unusual sight above Menstrie.

In December 2012 another person spotted strange lights in the sky over Stirling Castle. It has been claimed there have been 300 UFO sightings in Bonnybridge.



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