STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN? Mysterious giant ‘staircase’ spotted in the frozen wastes of Antarctica

Unusual sighting on Google Earth sparks wild speculation about alien bases, Nazi underground cities and ancient human civilisations.

INTERNET investigators have spotted a giant “staircase” carved into an Antarctic hillside.

The unusual formation was spotted in satellite images from Google Earth, prompting wild speculation about its origins.

Its location was shared on the conspiracy forum Godlike Productions, where some people suggested it was the remains of a hidden city built by the Nazis and others claimed it was put there by an extinct race of giants called the Nephilim or aliens from another world.

On the forum, one conspiracy theorist wrote: “I attribute it all to fallen angels and Nephilim, not aliens.

“Strictly high tech demonic activity.”

Another person suggested it may be the work of an ancient civilisation.

He wrote: “It does look like stairs – maybe on a pyramid structure?

“I’m not an alien believer but I do believe we’ve been all over this planet many times in our past.”

Antarctica has been at the centre of many conspiracy theories over the years.

Earlier this month, the internet lit up with discussion about a huge and mysterious “anomaly” lurking beneath the frozen wastes of an area called Wilkes Land.

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