Squid-Shaped UFO Makes A Return After Its First Appearance In 1991

An incredible moment of a mysterious object is apparently recorded on video for the second time around in a UFO hotspot area.
The captivating video shows a UFO that looks like a squid, which reportedly returns to the same spot after 24 years.
Amado Marquez claimed to have captured the bizarre object for the first time flying above his house in Mexico in 1991.
On September 11, 2015, he claimed to have recorded on video the same UFO. According to the Journal De Montreal report, the city officials can’t identify the object.
Amado resides in Tepoztlán area, where UFO sightings are the usual things in the sky. The municipality is located in the State of Morelos, a mountainous area. Many residents have come forward to report unidentified flying machines, particularly above the Tepoztlan Valley.
UFO enthusiasts and tourists, who want to see a UFO personally, flock to the area. The mysterious phenomena help the place become a tourist destination.
Some locals in the region believe that aliens have been making landings in this area. On May 5, 2015, Amado claimed he also filmed a bell-shaped flying object moving in the sky at low altitude above the hill.

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