Space-Based Weapon Systems — Von Braun’s Legacy

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In the following video, Dr. Carol Rosin discusses her experiences working with Wernher von Braun, a German scientist who invented the V2 Rocket for the Nazis and was later hired by the US government where he created the Saturn V.

She explains how von Braun knew the case for space based weapons would evolve from being framed to stop Russian’s advances, to stop asteroids, and even perhaps… to stop extraterrestrials.

US President Reagan even famously said that an extraterrestrial threat could be used to “bring the whole world together”.

One might even argue that such a threat could also be fabricated in order to conceal a wider goal of creating a world government, and even world military force.

Rosin says that von Braun wanted to create an international treaty outlawing the development and deployment of space based weapons.

See the thought-provoking interview here:

via 21st Century Wire

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