Soundless Cigar UFO Moves Over Maine

A cigar-shaped UFO was moving across the sky at approximately the speed of an airplane starting at 4:38 pm on 17th of January 2015, as reported by a Maine witness at Bangor.
Riding in a vehicle with her husband driving, the witness saw the mysterious flying object heading towards them.
According to the reporting witness, she looked out the car window to her right and spotted what looked like at first a long, metallic blimp going down at tremendous speed near them. Reportedly moving as fast as an airplane, the UFO didn’t make any noise at all.
Terrified by what she had seen, she pointed out the unusual aerial object to her husband. She described the strange thing similar to a blimp structurally but long and narrow enough to be regarded as a cigar-shaped UFO.
The reporting witness tried to search online to know if there are planes resembled the UFO, and she also asked her father, who has been a pilot and an amateur astronomer.
The witness said that a half-scale model of an airship was the closest thing that would resemble the UFO, but this airship has not been flown yet and still being constructed as far as her knowledge is concerned. She also noted the flashing red and white lights at the tail of the craft on her report to MUFON.
The witness observed the object until it flew out of sight. She said that what puzzled her most were the speed and complete silence as it flew upwards and quickly out of sight. She claimed that she also saw a flying saucer once several years ago and said she was happy for the second time around because she has a fellow witness to a mysterious event.
This testimony can be accessed in Case 62745 in the witness reporting database of Mutual UFO Network.

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