SMILE TO HAUNT YOUR DREAMS Freaky creature turns its ‘face’ inside out like something from a Ridley Scott Alien film

BIZARRE footage has emerged showing a ‘smiling’ alien-like creature that turns its ‘face’ inside out.

Looking like something out of a Ridley Scott’s Alien film, it writhes in a gloved hand and appears to be grinning.

Fisherman Roman Fedortsov, who caught and filmed the freaky fish, made a scary sound as he said: “If this creature could scream, I think it would scream like this.”

The trawlerman, from the city of Murmansk in north-western Russia’s Arkhangelsk Oblast region, posted the clip on Instagram. It is unclear what species the creature is.

He regularly shares photographs and videos of the incredible sea creatures he finds in his nets, but admits he most leave him puzzled.

Another of his latest pictures shows a bright red fish with a huge swollen tongue and bulging eyes.

Mr Fedortsov said: “I think these creatures are beautiful in their own way. I would not say that any are ugly or monstrous.”

He fishes mostly in the remote Barents Sea, off the northern coasts of Russia, which opens into the Arctic Ocean.

But he also travels to other parts of the world, including the Atlantic Ocean, off Africa.

Many of the creatures he finds live in the so-called “twilight zone”, 660 to 3,300 feet below the surface of the sea of which less than 0.05 per cent has so far been explored by humans.

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