Sighting Report of UFOs Emerging from Ocean

I am a 53 year old Social Worker that grew up in Puerto Rico. Since the age of 13,I have been surfing in the west coast of PR, and on many times UFO have been sighted by me and other surfers!

At that time, we did not make much of it because we thought people would make fun of us, or say that we were high on drugs.

Later in my life after realizing that other people came out to tell their stories, I have decided to come forward.

On one occasion, around 6.30. A.M. that is the best time to surf by the way, several silver colored objects came out of the water about half a mile from were we where waiting to catch a wave.

These objects were round and hovered in one position, then they took off straight up at a speed that I can not explain, but they disappeared so fast it was incredible.

About a half hour later, the objects came back, I think it was around 6 or 7 of them, and went into the ocean.

We never reported it to anybody, we just thought it was a military practice or other things that we did not know about. This all happened in the year of 1971, January, I do not remember the exact date.

I am only reporting this one event but we had many more sightings of this kind since we surfed in the west coast of Puerto Rco. By the way, this event happened in Rincon in a beach known to surfers as Tres Palmas, and there were about 8 to 10 surfers that day.

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