Scientists reveal planet similar to Earth could be home to extraterrestrial life

A MYSTERIOUS exoplanet that sits just 14 light years away from Earth could be the home of alien life.

Scientists looking at the mysterious exoplanet Wolf 1061 say that it sits within the “habitable zone,” just outside the solar system

However, as it sits in close proximity to the inner edge of this space region, it might also mean that the exoplanet is exceedingly hot from trapped gas in the atmosphere.

But some scientists at San Francisco State University believe that Wolf 1061 might actually be the best place to look for aliens.

Astronomer Stephen Kane said: “The Wolf 1061 system is important because it is so close and that gives other opportunities to do follow-up studies to see if it does indeed have life.”

But even though the exoplanet lies within the habitable zone, it would have to be in the exact right position in order to harbour life – known as the “Goldilocks zone.”

If it sits too far away, the exoplanet will be too cold, but too close means it would be too hot.

It’s for this reason that Earth has life; because it sits in the exact right position in relation to the sun.

Scientists that have been studying Wolf 1061 noted that the exoplanet’s orbit changes at a quick pace, which might mean that the climate conditions on the planet’s surface are volatile.

Mr Kane added: “It could cause the frequency of the planet freezing over or heating up to be quite severe.

“Still, this doesn’t entirely rule out the possibility of life.”


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