Russian Ufologist/Biologist Spotted Saucer Landed in 1980

Although the leaders of the former Soviet Union did not allow citizens to speak about UFOs, there have been significant UFO cases being surfaced since then it fell. It was during a 1980 expedition when people saw a bizarre disc that landed on a 90-meter-deep lake bottom. As one of Russia’s most notable specialists in the investigation of unidentified flying objects, Valery Dvuzhilny, is a biologist by occupation living in a town of Dalnegorsk 500 kilometers of Vladivostok.
He spent his life investigating the UFOs. In his large apartment. He even created an established that is laboratory equipped with old tools and 1,000 samples of materials, which can be found at the nearby sites. According to him, the space visitors use geological fissures to orientate themselves about the Earth before descending. Dalnegorsk County is believed to be an anomalous zone and is popular for its 14 cave. According to Dvuzhilny, a UFO was observed on January 29, 1986, in the Vysota-611 Mountain nearby Dalnegorsk. Burned fragments found therein revealed the silicon shales and rare-earth metal lanthanum discharging magnetic radiation. Pavel Reshetnikov, the head of the anti-aircraft forces was invited to the conference, in which he participated in 1995, but was prohibited from leaving the country due to his military status. Later on, he confirmed that a mysterious object tracked over the Amur River by the radar in the early 1990s. According to Reshetnikov, it could not be readily identified by the naked eye as either a plane or a missile.
The sample found at the site became subject to numerous scientific tests, which includes isotope analysis. The samples found 50 kilometers away were burned at a temperature beyond 2,000 degrees C. According to Dvuzhilny, comprehensive analysis of the burned metal pieces were influenced by the extraterrestrials. Despite modest laboratory tools, he still lacks funds to complete his scientific activities. However, he is not giving up, in fact, Dvuzhilny is currently preparing an expedition to the Amgu territory.

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