Russian mafia ‘leak top secret video showing alien remains dating from Ancient Egypt’

AN EERIE video has surfaced showing what many claim to be evidence of alien activity in ancient Egypt.

The clip, which sources say was obtained via the Russian mafia from top secret archives of the KGB, shows masked agents inside a tomb in Giza, near Cairo.
The uniformed Russians are seen opening up one of the 13,000-year-old sarcophaguses.

Once opened, a huge cloud of fumes engulfs the secret personnel to reveal a huge, 2-METRE high, mummified figure.

As the dust rises, the men run away, only to return in gas masks and full-body protective clothing.

The agents, who are covered head-to-toe, then proceed to inspect the curious remains more closely.

Many conspiracy theorists are adamant that the video, which was filmed in 1961, is proof of an alien astronaut in ancient Egypt.

The blurry images could show proof of alien activity
The blurry images could show proof of alien activityCredit: YouTube
The hunt for the extra-terrestrial remains, that was code named Operation ISIS, was led by a mixture of military personnel and Egyptologists from the Soviet Academy of Sciences.

The aim of the project was for the Soviets to use their discovery of alien documents and technology for military purposes.

Sami Sharaf, who led the team shown in the video, was a close ally of the then Egyptian president Gamel Abdel Nasser – although it is not known if the two worked together on this hunt for alien secrets.


If proven true, the footage shot in the Egyptian tomb, could also support previous claims that there was an alien found from a flying saucer crash in Roswell in New Mexico in 1947.

Although the Roswell UFO incident has since been reported by the military to have been merely a conventional weather balloon, many people still today are convinced that there was extra-terrestrial activity at the site.

Masked Russians searched for military secrets
Masked Russians searched for military secrets
While several high-ranking KGB officials insist that the footage is genuine, and that the mummy was indeed an alien, the reliability of the footage raises many question marks.

The website, which is a popular website for paranormal activity, has also given their verdict on the video.

They are convinced that it is a complete hoax and disregard all claims that the mummy is in fact an alien.

Real or not, the legitimacy of this video is being debated by hundreds of shocked social media users.

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