Russia: Giant UFO Causes People To Run Away In Fear

A woman claimed to have seen a glowing object in the sky above the capital of Buryatia, Russia. The photo of the object, which was particularly taken in Ulan-Ude, shows lots of green lights and some red and blue colors.
The photo was first uploaded to Vkontakte – the Russian version of social media site Facebook.
The reporting witness was with her son when the bizarre object vanished and then reappeared. Two passers-by were in the area too, the woman witness said.
According to her, the object stopped right over them, but she could not say a word and noticed two men running to hide in a building.
She described it as a gigantic saucer with glowing green lights in the middle. The witness’ son got scared and grabbed her hand, and they ran away.
The sighting is the latest in the series of sightings above the region.
An Ulan-Ude resident said that bright glowing objects were common in the area. He also personally saw a bright object from a balcony in the night.
Someone else claimed to have spotted red lights in the sky before they disappeared.
Mysterious UFO sightings have been all over the world in 2015.
Giant UFOs or the so-called motherships have been recorded on videos and captured on photos emerging from the clouds, creating fears of an ET invasion.

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