Reptilian encounters in Russia

Russia, Krasnoyarsk, June 18, 2016

I decided not to keep quiet about it as many people, and I written to the website about my history, which happened to me recently. I together with my boyfriend live in a residential area of the city in a 9-storey building on the 8th floor. On this day, I went to bed late, about 4 nights. When I turned off the light and went to the window to close the blinds, I noticed over the strange object. It was like a fireball with a diameter of about 2 meters, it’s glowed yellow light and orange on the edges. I then thought that maybe it was a large Chinese lantern, but it didn’t rise up as usual, but slowly flew over the roof. I then was not interested in the subject of UFOs, and I went to bed.

Spherical UFO shape

That night I woke up from a strange feeling of unease and noticed the high dark figure beside the bed. The corner of my eye I saw that my boyfriend sleeps next to me. This being the village next to me and in his hand was some kind of cylindrical object. The blanket was thrown back, and I saw that the creature does some manipulation on my abdomen. I do not feel pain, the body was like numb. I have gained strength and raised up on my hands. It turned its head in my direction and in a second I lost consciousness. I don’t even remember how I fell on the pillow.

I woke up in the morning. I noticed on my belly there are 8 red dots like the track marks of the syringe and it’s painful when pressed. The look of the creature I remembered, his figure was proportioned like a human, the human face, pointed chin, thin lips, protruding cheekbones, but the eyes struck me. Eyes were of great size, probably on the floor face with a vertical pupil like a cats, red color.

Reptilian encounters in Russia

A week later, I again saw in the sky a luminous ball, about 2 o’clock in the morning. He was taller than the last time and moved towards our house, then disappeared out of sight. I waited a while and went to bed. What happened that night do not remember. About what happened I never told anyone, there was no fear, only curiosity.

The next night I was really hoping to see a UFO and maybe the creature and to talk with him. I mentally asked the question “When are you coming again?” and heard the answer, I was very surprised. The creature greeted me and said that his work here is done and we communicate in recent times. Interestingly, when I closed my eyes, I saw his well-lit face, he was in a some room, but when I opened my eyes then the picture disappeared. I asked how he heard my question and how is this communication? He replied that they have special technology that allows them to monitor the thoughts of every person on Earth. Mental images are filtered using a that technology, and thus we can identify unresolved contacts with our race or keep track of those people on which we run experiments. He said that I should only to remember his face, and their “observers” can noticed it.

I asked him why your ships are so small and have the shape of a ball, after all, many witnesses say about the disk-shaped? The alien said that I will have the opportunity to see them ship another form, it is close by. I got out of bed and went to the kitchen to the window. He said that when their ship gets any closer, he would give me the chance to look at it. Said that their ships are masked from men in several ways, sometimes it’s telepathic influence, the man thinks he sees just the sky, although there may be their craft and only using the camera you can see a UFO in the time.

After some time I saw in the sky a glowing orange pyramid-shaped object. What he was sizes it is difficult to say very large. He was turned to me on one side, its Foundation was parallel to the line of the horizon, in form it was like an isosceles triangle. Then the object began to rise into the sky and disappeared in the clouds.

Pyramid UFO

PS: After all I have a question, why are they watching the people, why do these experiments and why they are hiding if stronger than us? When I saw on the dollar bill, picture of the Masonic symbol (the triangle with rays of light eye), I  remembered the glowing orange pyramid-shaped object, and the “eye” is the symbol of observation, after all, as said the alien they keep track of people.

Masonic symbol, the eye in the triangle

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