Remarkable Human-Like Stone Age Figurines Found In Sweden Could Be First Depictions Of Norse Gods

– Three remarkable 4,500-year-old human-like figurines have been unearthed by archaeologists in a forest in Sweden.

What is extraordinary about these ancient artifacts is that they are the oldest depictions of faces ever found in Sweden and scientists also suspect they might be the first representations of Norse Gods.

The 5 cm (1,96 inches) high figurines were discovered in a forest in Åkersberga, in Österåker Municipality, Stockholm County, Sweden.

“Whoever created them made it look as if they have clothes and hair. It’s a fantastic opportunity to see what people looked like during the last part of the Stone Age,” said Niclas Björck from the National Historical Museums.

It’s truly a unique find. Björck point out that ancient ceramic figures have previously been discovered, but they depicted various animals. It’s the first time that scientists have found human-like figures from the Swedish Stone Age.

When asked whom, the figures might depict, Björck said he believes they were either made in the image of some higher beings or Norse gods.

“I think that these figures were of great importance to the Stone Age people and their view of the world they lived in. It was a time when written language did not exist and producing such figures was the best way to communicate and convey a story or important message,” Björck said.

Some ancient depictions of Norse gods have been discovered in Scandinavia. One of the most intriguing ones, is the Revninge-Woman that many think was made in the image of Goddess Freya.

In Norse mythology, Freya is a powerful goddess. She belongs to belongs to a group of Gods and Goddesses known as the Vanir who were associated with nature, wild places and animals and unseen realms. She is considered to be the goddess of love and beauty, but is also a warrior goddess and one of great wisdom and magic.

Other artifacts often depicting the Norse god Odin or Thor have been found in various parts of Scandinavia, but these items are much younger. Some ancient artifacts were produced in honor of the Valkyries, the choosers of the slain in Norse mythology.

As for human-like figures, it is worth mentioning that back in 2013 archaeologists in Sweden made an astounding discovery unearthing 29 ancient figurines of gold men (“guldgubbar”) dating back to the Iron Age.

Working in great secrecy, archaeologists made this sensational find in Blekinge at West Vång peasant village northeast of Ronneby, located in southern Sweden.

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