Reincarnation – Journey Of The Souls And Our Karma We Depend On In The Next Life

Some think that people are born with a legacy from their previous life in form of marks including birthmarks, special scars, memories of unknown historical events, certain experiences or begin to speak in a language with which they have never had contact before.

They also demonstrate extraordinary skills without thinking why they do have them. Is the memory of all our past lives permanently stored in our subconscious mind?

“Memory of our past lives is also embedded in our personality, our physical and emotional characteristics, and in our talents or special skills…” writes Jaime Licauco in the book “Soulmates, Karma & Reincarnation”.

Reincarnation Journey Of The Souls And Our Karma We Depend On In The Next Life

Licauco adds that “Mozart displayed an extraordinary genius or talent for composing masterpieces at the age of four although no history of musical talent could be found in his family even when traced back to several generations.”

However, many people around the world, independently of culture and tradition, deeply believe that the marks (certain details from previous incarnations) offer evidence of reincarnation – the “journey of souls”, which is one of the greatest phenomena of humanity that still remains unexplained and lacks scientific support.

In another article on we discussed for example the possibility that birthmarks may offer evidence of reincarnation.

According to a theory that supports the existence of reincarnation, God gives people not only one life but several and the soul has to be tested over these lifetimes to finally make appearance before God.
Is There A Connection Between Déjà Vu And Reincarnation?

Could experiences from previous lives be proof that reincarnation exists?

Many people will answer “yes” because, how else can such experiences be explained in a rational way? Others see the proof of reincarnation as a result of “Déjà vu” because the feelings that accompany Déjà vu are believed to be memories from previous incarnations.

déjà vu

Apparently, Charles Dickens (1812-1870), the greatest English novelist of the Victorian era, was pondering the existing phenomenon, too. In his famous novel “David Copperfield”, Dickens wrote:

“… We have all some experience of a feeling, that comes over us occasionally, of what we are saying and doing having been said and done before, in a remote time- of our having been surrounded, dim ages ago, by the same faces, objects, and circumstances- of our knowing perfectly what will be said next, as if we suddenly remember it…”
Reincarnation In The Bible

The phenomenon of reincarnation has been known for long.

An American clairvoyant, Edgar Cayce (1877 – 1945) who focused his interests on reincarnation, healing and future events while claiming to be in a trance, also stated that in the Holy Bible there are several references to reincarnation, and one example can be found in the Book of Job telling that Job’s ten children are killed due to the house collapse but surprisingly, at the end of the Book of Job, after Job has been found righteous by God, Job’s children are again restored to him.
So, why do Job’s children appear again? Does it mean that Job had ten new, reincarnated children, or alternatively, all ten his children were resurrected by God from the dead?

Is it reincarnation or resurrection?

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Enigma Of The Near-Death Experiences

In “Search of the Loving God”, Mark Mason mentions two captivating statements from the Bible, (in fact, the Holy Bible has many of them) which assume a belief in reincarnation:

Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked I shall return there. (Job 1:21)

And another is

“…when Melchizedek met Abraham, Levi was still in the body of his ancestor.” (Hebrews 7:10)

Does it all mean that we live one life now and after death, our soul has still much to do, being continuously tested in next lifetimes until the final confrontation with God?

What is our one life, if not only a small fraction of what our soul is prepared for?

Does reincarnation mean endless circles of never-ending life? Would you prefer to simply die and go out of existence rather than reincarnate again and again?

In fact, there is hope, just in case if we have to reincarnate, we can already in this currently going life influence what will happen in the next one.
Karma Can Tell Who Or What You Become In The Life

Karma plays an important role in the reincarnation process and it determines who or what you will be in the next incarnation. You can be a person, a plant, an animal or perhaps a higher being. We, humans can influence our karma because it depends on our deeds both good and evil.

Evil and good karma decides about a better or worse incarnation. And we can influence our karma if we release positive and good energy.


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