Rainbow Galaxy-Waves and New Expressions of the Universal DNA

“The suppression of uncomfortable ideas may be common in religion and politics, but it is not the path to knowledge, and it has no place in the endeavor of science.” – Carl Sagan

This year is going to be a really good one, as Galactic Waves are going to be passing through here, starting in about the February-March time frame.

The New Reality will eventually be revealed, as the Galaxy Waves will create elevations in Consciousness, along with changes in the laws of physics, when all the sub-waves of the Galaxy Wave, have passed.

Astrophysics has observed quantized red shift arising in concentric circles from the cores of all Galaxies.

[See: “Quantized Galaxy Redshifts” by William G. Tifft and W. John Cocke, University of Arizona, Sky & Telescope Magazine, Jan. 1987, pgs 19-21, and: Napier, W.M. and Guthrie, B.N.G., Quantized redshifts: a status report, J. Astrophysics and Astronomy 18(4):455–463, 1997

Here is a lecture by Halton Arp which explains red shift as intrinsic to galaxies:

[Also see this link]

These observed changes in galactic red shift values correspond with changes in the Maxwell equations, due to changes in the physical properties of the interstellar aether media.

See: Aspden, Harold. “Tutorial Note 10: Tifft’s Discovery”, Energy Science, 1997. TUTORIAL 10 and LECTURE NO. 6

Also see: “Stars, Galaxies, Cosmos: A Catalog of Astronomical Anomalies” by William R. Corliss here and here].

For example, if the value of the charge of the electron changes, the Maxwell equations are forced to change.

Get the idea that the whole Infinite volume Universe is mostly fluid, in between the stars. Then, rather like making regular sloshes in the bathtub until it overflows the top of the bath, repeated resonant waves can “pump” galactic and intergalactic matter in the plasma state.

The resulting “overflows” produce various galactic ejection phenomena, such as quasars and galactic polar jets. (Galactic jets are normally ejected perpendicular to the plane of the given galaxy.)

Such plasma resonance overflow pumping events are also commonly seen in stars such as our sun, and in laboratory plasmas. Or get the idea that it is like poking a plate of jello, so the jello starts wobbling around from the poke.

Our sun rings like a bell (or a plate of jello), and exhibits “sun-quakes”, when the sun is “poked”.

Such plasma-resonant electric field “pokes” can produce acceleration effects in even such massive objects such as galactic centers, which are not at all “black holes”, but enormous clusters of very closely packed and quite large stars.

Such wave-periodic sloshes will produce various redshifts in cosmic objects, such as galaxies that are “near” to each other, or even within the same object, as is seen in our own galaxy and more than 1000 others, so far.

The results of such “sloshes” have been observed in galaxies as concentric rings moving outwards from the center of each galaxy, where at each ring (technically, a “domain wall”), a variance in the value of the red shift is observed, with quantized (discrete periodic) values.

72.5 km/s is the most commonly seen galactic domain-wall red-shift interval, but red shifts of 36.6 km/s and 18.3 km/s are also observed.

Where these domain wall concentric “rings” pass through, the laws of physics are changed throughout the volume of the effect, until the next ring passes through, when the laws of physics change again.

That the Maxwell equations are changed in the different domain walls is demonstrated by the variations in the localized values of red-shifts, internal to galaxies.

Such moving red-shift domain walls have actually been observed in our galaxy, and there is one headed this way. It will intersect with our solar system in the February-March time frame. This means that the Maxwell equations will start changing at the same time.

The Maxwell equations are central to describing the inner workings of our reality. This means that what we have been used to considering as reality, will also begin changing, in much deeper and more profound ways than a mere red-shift change.

Life here is going to start getting interesting in these kinds of ways.

Gilbert Williams art is based on his precognitive perceptions and dreams and also on his direct intuitive visions of the New Reality. So, if you think you feel elevations of your Consciousness now! Just wait!

Along with all this kind of beautiful stuff, as illustrated by Williams, there are going to be many new kinds of life forms. Many new species will appear ab initio and start wandering about, making a happy living in the new environment.

Many people around the world have already seen the informational semi-physical precursors of these new life forms, in the form of sort of brown or grey “fog-shadows” of odd looking new creatures, with unusual behaviors, briefly flitting into our ability to vaguely see them, then vanishing back into the Earth or the rock or the air, from whence they arose, while we happened to be blessed enough to be at the right time and the right place to see them.

When the time comes, these foggy precursors will be seen as actual living personal physical facts of many new kinds of critters.

Darwin’s “evolution” is a big fat lie! Creator has designed the Universe so that everywhere there is a place, the informational pattern (technically based in the quantum potential) of DNA is present. This has been proved by the experiments of the Nobel Laureate, Montagnier, a microbiologist. [PDF file]

Montagnier placed a small sample of DNA in a sterile test tube which contained only pure deionized water, then hermetically sealed the test tube.

He placed a second sealed sterile test tube containing only pure water a few inches away from the first test tube, then ran a 7 Hertz electromagnetic radiation, in the microwatt range of power, across the test tubes overnight. The next day, he and his team of researchers discovered by standard DNA test sequences that the second test tube now also had DNA in it!

This entire experiment was done very rigorously and the results are beyond scientific reproach. DNA does not “evolve”, but manifests life in perfect harmony with the environment, at the given time and place. As the environmental factors change, so too do the life forms change, to be living in Harmony with that environment.

So now, the laws of physics are about to change in this particular part of this particular galaxy. Obviously, when the laws of physics change, life will change to suit the new energetic environment. Already, new species are appearing ab initio (no “evolution” involved), all over the planet.

Galactically speaking, this happens on a regular cycle as the energetic environment changes in the local vicinity. There are mass extinctions which happen at exactly the same time as massive numbers of new kinds of life are being expressed by the universally present DNA pattern, so that new Life flourishes, in the new and different circumstances.

Again, DNA expresses (not “evolves”) life in accordance with the local environment. “Evolution” is a dirty lie and a fiction, which has been completely destroyed by scientific experiments performed during the past 20 years. For more on some more recent aspects of this kind of evidence, see this and this links.

Every year, for the past decade, approximately 300 entirely new species of plants, animals, and insects have been discovered within the boundaries of the Great Smokey Mountains National Park alone.

Along with all these new kinds of life forms, various Wise and Harmonious Aetheric Beings will become more and more visible, until eventually the world will become seen as envisioned by Gilbert Williams, in his art.

This set of events and unfoldings is part of why we chose to incarnate at this particular point in time.

We came here to watch all this amazing beauty arise in the world, and to help it along, and participate in various supportive ways, and to help folks along, some of whom are going to be just completely freaked out by all this “new” stuff. So we came here during these times, to help others to understand how to get along in the Harmonious New Reality.

Eventually, there won’t be anymore mean people in the world. And the Natural Harmony and the Cosmic Harmony will be restored throughout this entire planet. It will be Paradise! The “Garden of Eden” will be restored.

Eventually, True Magic will be restored and all the Invisibles will become visible. Devas and Nature Spirits will be seen everywhere, no escaping the fact of them. These events, and related events, will change global society, unerringly, after the existing societal inertias have worn off.

By Robert Neil Boyd, PhD, Zen Gardner;

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